To Be Continued

by , Monday January 19, 2015
To Be Continued

Sequels/Prequels that rival the originals...


When an author creates a character, their story it can inspire a million other writers. The narrative sometimes screams to be carried on. We've collected the best sequels and prequels that are the best examples of that. 


Wide Sargasso Sea (PREQUEL)













Jean Rhys' prequel to Jane Eyre, is always at the top of prequel lists. It is the back story to Bertha, and how she became such a crazy woman... I'm betting it had something to do with Mr Rochester generally being a spineless-dirtbag... Maybe.


Death Comes To Pemberley (SEQUEL)

Jane Austen created the witty and charasmatic character of Elizabeth Bennett and then left her at the start of her new life with Mr Darcy. P.D.James has taken up the mantle in this mysterious tale. 


The Magician's Nephew (PREQUEL)

Most of us will read The Chronicles of Narnia in chronological order, but did you know that The Magician's Nephew was the penultimate book in the series? A good prequel has to really know the material of the original. Who better to write a prequel to The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe than C. S. Lewis himself?


The House of Silk & Moriarty (SEQUELS)


Billed as the New Sherlock Holmes Novels Anthony Horrowitz' books have become the first to ever be officially recognised by the Conan Doyle Estate. With Dr Watson reminissing he reveals a case, too harrowing to repeat... Until now.


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