What is Flash Fiction?

by , Tuesday April 14, 2015
What is Flash Fiction?

Learn what and how to write it...



Some of you will have heard of  flash fiction, micro-fiction, sudden fiction or certainly short stories before. Almost all of you will have written or read a short story or two. But flash fiction takes short stories to another level.


Many writers would love to say that every word of their story is important. When writing a story with a beginning, middle and end in 200 words, every word HAS to count. Here is an example of super-micro-fiction by Hemmingway:





We try to make sure our competitions rarely have a word count. But what if there was a word count? What if it was 2000 words, or 200 or 20?  Could you do it?


Why Flash Fiction?

Learning to write flash fiction will hone your editing skills.


You will develop good writing habits of making sure each word matters.


And holy of holies it can cure writers block.


How to Flash Fiction

Start with a word count which is slightly larger than your goal. It’s always easier to cut down than write up.


Start in the middle of the story. There isn’t time to set the scene.


Your title is included in limit, so make it count.



Try it your self! Enter the competition here.

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