The Winners Of The NaNoWriMo Competition Announced

Find out the winners of this amazing competition. An extra Christmas gift!


The quality of the writing in this competition has surprised and delighted the judges from the start. The shortlist kept getting longer! The winners have been chosen for their writing skill and a gripping first chapter or two. We also have winners from the comment section of the competition, there was a wealth of great advice! It might be worth checking into the competition page for the writing tips in the comments. 


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J by Salamasunny




Runners Up

The Autumn Child by White Ravens




Comment Advice Entry

Dawn Sister

I've done NaNo without planning, I've done it with planning. I've religiously read all the pep talks from all the supportive authors and ignored them the next year and I have still managed to write 50,000 words in a month. 
The key is to follow the very first rule of NaNo and that is "no editing". I haven't managed to work out how to switch off that annoying red or green squiggly line on Word, but if you can, then do so. I try to ignore it as much as I can. Just write and don't edit, just keep on going without looking back until you have reached the finish line. It doesn't matter what you've written, but you will have written something, even if it is simply back ground for a story you eventually write, it's there, backing you up. After 50,000 words your characters will surely have taken on a life of their own anyway, and that's when they start to almost write themselves. NaNo might not be your finished novel, but it is one hell of a warm up.



Special Mention 

The best trailer entry goes to EnderCursty for her trailer: Hannah's Heart Hannah's Heart. Having read Hannah's Heart I thought it was a fantastic trailer for the story. 


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