6 Words Every Bibliophile Should Know

Every bookworm needs these...



Have you ever loved a book so much, you can't express it to your friends? We've collected 6 of the words you should be using to prove you are a true literarian. 



epeolatry literally means the worship of words. 




This is a word which refers to someone who gives and opinion on something he or she knows nothing about. Know anyone like that? They're a Ultracrepidarian.




Hands down the best word in the whole world. 



A fool who thinks he/she is cleverer than he/she actually is. 





You might have to practice saying this one outloud. It means: people who read too much. I'm with Harry on this one. 




As a proud bibliosiac can tell you that this is the act of smelling books. All the best people bibliosmia...



What did you think of our verbous Friday?

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