Winners Of The Pen Pals Competition Announced



Those of you who entered this competition know how hard it is to track down your co-writer sometimes. We've been writing to our Pen Pals for a few months in a hotly debated competition, but we now have the winners. Finally we all agree on the selected stories and we are proud to announce them! These stories were chosen for how well the co written stories were written together, the judges were looking for seamless writing styles that worked together. 

Read all the amazing entries that fought it out for the top spot in this highly anticipated competition! Read them all on the competition page here.




God Forbid by Mirlotta and River_Summers



Runners up

Two Sides Of A Coin by Sparrow3183 and Rodrigo The SwishyFish.



Imprint by A Chemical Reaction and Tomato




At War by Dragon Soul Jess and Chocoholichammy



All winners will be contacted by email. 

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