5 Problems Only WriMos Understand

by , Friday November 14, 2014
5 Problems Only WriMos Understand

50000 words in 30 days? 



NaNoWriMo is definitely the hardest writing challenge that you will ever face. The pressure is overwhelming sometimes, but you've got to keep your sense of humor. We've collected 5 of the toughest obstacles that you might come across this November.



Light bulb moments

You’re deep into your word count when a sudden and brilliant new story idea pops into your head, characters are already formed and amazing, the plot is genius. And then you realise you're already preparing for NaNoWriMo 2015.



Procrasti - squirrel!

Wrimo’s procrastinate on a whole new level. You need google, right? How else can you look up what kind of cheese your 19th century french protagonist would eat? That is completely ignoring the Update Official Word Count button...



Checking your writing buddy’s word count



They’re meant to be a friend, but you can feel your healthy motivational chats have deformed into fierce competition. How have they written so MUCH?!



Your story is an editor’s wonderland.

Red squiggles and paragraphs ending in weird places - you know it’s a disaster area. This is definitely what your manuscript SHOULD look like in nanowrimo, but your inner editor just wants to tidy up those spelling mistakes. Don’t there isn’t time.



Writing 1667 words a day feels like this:



And then you remember there are only 30 days in November...





Just remember:



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