Exquisite Corpse Story

by , Friday November 7, 2014
Exquisite Corpse Story

So it got a little weird...


Last week for Halloween we played the classic parlour game, The Exquisite Corpse. We asked it to be spooky and we asked it to be strange. The story below is all of the comments from the blog last week making up a surealist story. Enjoy the twists and turns and read the result.





The Shadow 


A scream pierced the air and a shadow was seen across the wall, there were only three. The shadows danced about the crooked metal frame of the bed, their laughs echoing, their breath rising. It was almost as if they - the shadows - were alive. The inky darkness flowed together and the shadows began to form a shape. The shape of a man, always twisting, flowing as only shadows can do.


He stepped forward, rocking on his new-formed feet. But all the lights were out. Shadows can't be seen in the dark so what was it? There was a ghostly wail, you could hear water squelched underneath footsteps. The noises becoming louder and louder.


I looked around, unable to contain my terror, and hugged a cold, crumbling stone wall.

A ghost formed in front of me, a pale hand reached out to touch me a look of horror on the ghosts face…Its mouth tries to form words, its eyes widening in terror and I feel a hand brush my shoulder from behind me. Skeletal fingers reach out again as I try to move away, and I find myself staring into empty eyes of a nebulous hue.


I try to scream but no sound comes out, like I'm underwater, or dead. "Harvey, I think I just saw a ghost--" It ate her up! The ghost transformed into an orange unicorn, roaring triumphantly as the shadows on the wall turned into more unicorns, now free from their curse and bound to rule the land in eternal sparkles and gumdrop terror!!


The unicorns began to gallop steadily forward, neighing and tossing their manes in an eery unison. There was a crack; the unicorns' hooves had stepped on blue flecked duck eggs lying in the street. Loud, angry quacking rang from a lake to the east.


I could only wonder what lies beneath the deep. I was wishing that I could wake from this, has to be, nightmare. It was scaring me, I wanted to escape so much, but I was trapped; trapped inside this what seemed to be ... a living hell. I realise that I am surrounded by four big walls with only blackness above me, as if I am trapped inside a huge box, like a giant coffin. I want to see the light, just once more, to comfort my mind that I was still alive, and not dead.


A face loomed above me- its eyes were a wild green, skin pale as that of a corpse. I stared deep into the thing's eyes, as it continued to lurk over me. The thing's grin, was like the Cheshire Cat of all grins. it looked at me with a lust in its eyes, it licked its lips and leaned its huge head in towards my face, its breath was warm, hot even, i could feel it burning my skin slowly. it showed it bright white teeth and suddenly…

...It roared in pain, blood spurting in jets, as it reared its head back and fell back from the edge of the cup, revealing the figure of a young woman holding a fine silver blade.



Thank you to everyone who joined in!

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