Christmas Presents for our Fave Fictional Characters

Let’s play Santa Claus...


1. Harry Potter

What we’d get him: A stress ball


Poor Harry. Life isn’t easy being the Chosen One. Dealing with first crushes, teenage rivalries and mountains of homework -all whilst battling the darkest, most powerful wizard of all time really does take its toll. We especially see this in the fifth book, where Voldemort manages to worm his way into his mind and manipulate his emotions. Harry may be rubbish at Occlumency so, in the mean time, how about a stress-ball?


2. Katniss Everdeen


What we’d get her: A new knife.

Just look at the state of her current one in the first film! It’s so flimsy, it’s got no chance of carving a Christmas turkey, let alone do any damage to a rival tribute. Speaking of turkey, we were torn between this and a special seasonal food hamper -hey, it’s not called the Hunger Games for nothing.



3. Sherlock Holmes

What we’d get him: ‘Crucial Conversations’ by Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan et al.

Despite his brilliant mind, Sherlock isn’t exactly known for his social skills. This can get pretty awkward in his line of work -dealing with grieving families and communicating with the police force. What he needs is a self-help book that ‘gives you the tools you need to resolve conflicts without hurt and without misunderstanding’. Problem solved!



4. The Doctor

What we’d get him: a bumper pack of leaving cards

This one might touch a bit of a nerve. Yes, it’s not his fault and yes it’s often for the greater good -but there’s no denying that the Doctor ends up saying a LOT of goodbyes. So why not make the whole thing easier for him (and save us viewers from anymore heart-wrenching farewell scenes) by foregoing the whole procedure and simply sending his departing companion a leaving card?


5. Elsa

What we’d get her: A new hair-brush and some industrial strength conditioner

She may not be Rapunzel, but Elsa’s barnet required a hair-raising 420,000 CGI threads compared to Rapunzel’s 27,000. Queen Elsa boasts a regal silvery mane, but with that much hair, in such a cold climate, it must be a nightmare to tame. She needs some high-end beauty products to keep it lustrous.



What would you give you favourite characters this Christmas? Share your ideas in the comments!

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