The Best Books to Give as Gifts

by , Thursday December 4, 2014
The Best Books to Give as Gifts

Treat your fellow bookworms to something extra-special this Christmas


After you've stuffed yourself so full of food that moving has become impossible, and you're all warm and toasty in a new festive jumper, nothing beats settling down with a mince pie and brilliant book on Christmas day. And that's why they make such excellent presents! Whoever you're shopping for, we've handpicked the very best books to bestow upon your loved ones this holiday season. Click on the book covers to find out more at Amazon. 


1. For Sisters

An absolutely timeless tale of four sisters and their adventures in love, loss and the pursuit of unconventional ambitions. The sisters have totally unique, palpably realistic personalities and there's a variety of different sibling dynamics at play -so whatever your relationship with your sibling, you'll be able to relate. Plus, it'll inspire lots of lively debate to see if you're the Meg, Jo, Beth or Amy of your family.



2. For Brothers

 'The Outsiders' a YA classic -revolutionising the genre with its controversial portrayal of gang violence and unconventional family dynamics -all written by a fifteen year-old girl! We follow the Curtis brothers -three orphaned Oklahoma teenagers who find themselves caught up in violent gang warfare and struggle to keep their family intact. It'd be an understatement to call these sibling relationships somewhat rough around the edges but its the portrayal of brotherly love that makes this novel so memorable.


3. For your Dad

You might know this title from the 2004 Tim Burton film adaptation, but the book is unmissable. William Bloom visits his estranged father on his deathbed, to attempt to find out more about the latter's life before he passes away. But don't be fooled by the seemingly depressing premise -what unfolds is a series of dazzling, fable-like tales from the father's life -perfect for a Dad who's an absolute legend (and is also prone to telling a few fibs). 


4. For your Mum

Eowyn Ivey's 'The Snow Child' is a chillingly atmospheric delight about a childless couple living in 1920s  Alaska, who build a child out of snow one lonely winter's eve. When a mysterious little girl enters their lives soon after, it seems like the snow child has come to life...but what is fantasy and what is reality? Based on a Russian fairy tale, this tender portrayal of unlikely motherhood is utterly magic. 



5. For your best friend

One of the best ever high-school novels exploring alienation and the redemptive power of friendship. Charlie has never fitted in. But when he finds his own bunch of misfits, a journey of self-discovery -equal parts thrilling and painfully awkward begins. Perfect for the friend who made you who you are today!



6. For your crush

If you're attempting to woo a potential beau, you just can't beat John Green. Brimming with romantic themes like pursuing your desires no matter what stands in your way; the disjunct between fantasy and reality; and the complexity of human relationships, 'Paper Towns' is a guaranteed winner.




Are there any books that you're hoping to receive this Christmas? Which do you think makes the best gift? Give your faves some love in the comments!

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