The Best Cafes to Write in this NaNoWriMo

With free wi-fi!


'And the idea of just wandering off to a cafe with a notebook and writing and seeing where that takes me for awhile is bliss'

-J.K. Rowling


Take it from Queen J.K, holing up in a cosy cafe, taking in the warm aroma of roasted coffee beans, nibbling on cake and sneaking in some cheeky people writing really is the best place to get creative. So if you've got a case of the NaNoWriMo blues, and 50,000 words seems like a life-time away, don't despair -all you really need is a good cup of tea and a change of scene. To give you some inspiration, we've uncovered the very best UK cafes to work in this NaNoWriMo. Best of all? They've all got free free wifi, so you can keep linked up with your fellow Movellians for support and advice. Check out our tailor-made GMap, and our mini-reviews below. 





9Bar Cafe

Perks: This place does spectacular toasted sandwiches, and the walls are plastered in cool artwork for you to gawk at.


Arnolfini Cafe Bar

Perks: Situated in Bristol's centre of comtemporary arts, so if you fancy a writing break, stretch your legs and grab some inspiration at one of the many film screenings, exhibitions, or labs that run everyday. 


Barter Books

Perks: This place is a real gem. An old railway station converted into a massive second-hand bookshop. The place has a gloriously vintage feel -complete with an open fireplace and cosy armchairs. So, grab a sandwich for the Station Buffet and get scribbling (or pretend that you're in Hogsmead, waiting for the Hogwarts express -it's that kind place). 


Boston Tea Party 

Perks: This small chain of coffee shops has a cool, American vibe for if your NaNoWriMo masterpiece is more 'On the Road' than 'A Scandal in Bohemia'. 


Canteen at the MAC

Perks: Situated within Belfast's buzzing cultural hub, the MAC, you'll never be more than a few feet from a music, dance, theatre or art show if you're in need of some inspiration.


Foyles Cafe

Perks: Escape the craziness of Soho in Foyles' flagship store. You'll be surrounded by literally thousands of books, and the cafe itself is a light and airy environment with tons of space.


Jaffe and Neale Bookshop and Cafe

Perks: Whilst you're at the cafe, see if you can catch one of the many author talks hosted at Jaffe and Neale. Past guests include David Mitchell and Claire Mackintosh.


London Review Bookshop

Perks: Touted as "the modern answer to London’s long-lost literary coffee-houses", this cafe allegedly boasts London's best carrot cake, plus a quality variety of classic and scholarly literature. Plus, it's right next to the British Museum.


Rustique -The Literary Cafe 

Perks: The name says it all. There's a huge array of second-hand books to peruse and purchase if you're in need of some writing inspiration. 


Spoon Cafe Bistro

Perks:  This is where J.K. Rowling first started penning Harry Potter. Need we say any more?


The Gallery Cafe

Perks: Veggie + vegan friendly. Hosts plenty of cultural events such as spoken word and poetry readings. If you're lucky enough to catch some Autumn sunshine there's also a very pretty conservatory and garden.


The Hours 

Perks: It boasts a quaint little bookshop, made up of quirky classics by the likes of Virginia Woolf, Dylan Thomas and a collection of Celtic Fairy 

Tales. Come for the clever literary name, stay for its quaint, tranquil charm.


The Mainstreet Trading Company

Perks: Great coffee and cakes, but the real gem here is the bookshop, awarded Best Bookshop in The Telegraph Best Small Shops Awards and Independent Bookshop of the Year at the Bookseller Industry Awards.


Turl Street Kitchen

Perks: Situated in the heart of Oxford, a city with a rich literary legacy. Famous illusionist Derren Brown is a fan, commenting that ' feels a lot like being in someone’s front room, and is the kind of place where people sit with their books and laptops, having impressive, academic discussions'.


Waterstones -Bradford Wool Exchange

Perks: This Waterstones really must be seen to be believed. The interior boasts beautiful arched windows, marble pillars and a Hammerbeam roof, which will make you feel like you're writing from a castle rather than a bookshop.


White Rose Book Cafe

Perks: The perfect spot to either sit and write with a coffee, or wander around perusing the bookshelves. If you're a regular look out for their loyalty cards! Plus there's a lovely little outdoor terrace for brighter days.




Have you got a favourite writing spot? Let us know it the comments!

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