12 Top Writing Apps

by , Tuesday November 4, 2014
12 Top Writing Apps

Writing a novel? There’s an app for that.



This month is National Novel Writing Month which a ton of you are getting involved with. But sometimes we all need a little help. Here are our top ten apps that will help you get cracking:


Scrivner One of the top writing apps out there, Scrivner is offering a FREE trial version for Na No Wri Mo participants right now. The trial expires on 7 December so remember to save your work! But you can start using it right away.


Storyist The official sponser of Na No Wri Mo. Get organised and track your plot, characters and settings. Everything is on one screen and in one place, so if you’re into chopping and changing your chapter order, this is the app for you.


EverNote Ask any writer for a top tip and we bet they’ll say, ‘Always keep a notebook to write down any ideas that might come to you while out and about’. With EverNote, you don’t have to. Keep ists in your phone, which you can sync to your laptop when you want to keep writing. No more little slips of paper!


Spice Mobile This is a great for those...hmm…just can’t find the words moments. A thesaurus with a twist, Spice Mobile finds alternate phrases to help avoid those pesky clichés.


Bubbl.us This app is now available on iPads, but you can also use it on your laptop. It is a mindmap tool that allows you to brainstorm your story and keep track of every element. It’s so easy to use and has a clear layout so that you can follow all the notes you’ve made. Perfect for NaNo planning.


Dragon Dictation Essentially an app that will transcribe your recorded conversations straight into word docs or emails in an instant. It’s a good one for brainstorming sessions.  Unlike other dictation apps, Dragon Dictation adds punctuation and capitals to minimise your editing time.


Write or Die Try the Kamikaze mode to give yourself a proper scare. If you let the screen turn red for too long it starts to delete all your vowels! Don’t worry you can pause it and rescue your work. What an incentive to get the wrds dwn.


Q10 Keep getting distracted? Use Q10. Q10 was developed by an actual author, so it really works. It opens in full screen so that the only thing you have is your own work to play with. No tabs, no distractions.


Hemmingway Time to kill your darlings and edit your work like Hemmingway. It grades your work, highlights adverbs and difficult to read sentences and visibly keeps track of your word count. Edit as you go or copy and paste chapters into the app or desktop version.

Self Control Add your top distraction sites to your blacklist and set a timelimit. Until that timer runs out you will not be able to access those sites, even if you restart your computer, so sit down and commit to 45 minutes of pure writing time.

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