9 Gifs That Sum Up Our Reaction to The Walking Dead

We thought walkers were the scariest creatures on 'The Walking Dead'. We were wrong.



The season opener of ‘The Walking Dead’ was certainly memorable. With all the core ingredients of drama, gore and tension you could cut with a -ahem- carving knife, the producers wasted no time pulling punches, with a heart-stopping opening sequence.

Last season, we left the gang facing an uncertain fate. Imprisoned in a boxcar by the leaders of Terminus; a supposed sanctuary for apocalypse survivors with very sinister undertones.
We decided to to express our reactions to the episode's opening scene in gif form (so, some spoilers, but only for those of you who haven't caught up to the S5 opener). What do you reckon?!
1. When the episode opens with an intriguing flashback that shows Terminus captors Gareth and Alex were once prisoners of Terminus themselves
2. When we’re back in the present day, and we see the gang back where S4 left them -trapped in the metal container, but prepping to fight back
3.When we’re kept waiting for their impending face-off with Terminus
4. When the gang are ambushed by an exploding gas cannister



  1. When Rick’s poor face gets crushed by a Terminus inhabitant



  1. When we get a glimpse of the bloody horror of Terminus (and we can be relatively certain of the inhabitants’ cannibalistic tendencies)



  1. When Rick and the other guys are lined up as animals for the slaughter

  1. When the first blow is struck -and the clip ends!



  1. When it’s all over and we’re pretty much completely emotionally drained


What did you think of ‘The Walking Dead’? Let us know (in gif or non-gif form) in the comments!

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