The Best Ever Harry Potter Costumes

by , Friday October 24, 2014
The Best Ever Harry Potter Costumes

Get inspired and transfigure yourself into your fave Harry Potter character (no Polyjuice Potion needed)!



The Witching Hour is drawing ever closer and if you're still yet to get a costume sorted, we've got some utterly magical inspiration for all you Potterheads. Whether you're after a subtle, scary or totally extravagant outfit, we've collected the very best cosplay that would do J.K. Rowling proud.



1. Harry Potter

Let's kick things off with the main man himself; everyone's favourite speccy wizard. There's no shortage of Harry Potter costumes out there, but this one gets points for sheer sartorial elegance. If you want to combine your love for The Boy Who Lived and impeccable style, this is the look for you.

Adam Gallagher at LOOKBOOK


2. Voldemort

We love this quirky ensemble -the idea that Voldemort reads The Quibbler is just so bizarre and hilarious that this couldn't NOT make the list. He really rocks those Spectrespecs.

Dijjou at DeviantART


3. Bellatrix Lestrange

This costume really captures the spirit of baddest witch around. The sheer level of detail here is impressive, particularly the skull necklace and the contemptuous eye-brow raise. 

Lucy Lovett at deviantART


4. Sirius Black

A siriously enviable ensemble -this costume is also a great excuse for not brushing your hair for several days. Dedication, people!

YellowFlash001 at deviantART


5. Nymphadora Tonks

Perfect for if your style errs on the punk side, we love the simplicity of this costume. All you really need is some wash-in pink hair dye (or, for real commitment to the cause, get your hands on a variety of coloured wigs so you can metamorphise throughout the night just like Tonks).

ChameleonCosplay at deviantART


6. Mad-Eye Moody

Get crafty with this fab DIY Mad-Eye Moody bionic eye-patch. Simply pair it with a moldy brown coat and a world-weary expression. Voilà!

KaptinScarlet at Instructables


7. Neville Longbottom

We love this gender-bending Neville Longbottom costume, proving that you can be a hardcore hero in knitwear. 

GrumpyCosplay at deviantART


8. Hermione Granger

Wanna channel one of the best ever female heroines whilst looking totally chic? Of course you do! This would pair fantastically with the previous fashionable Harry look. Now all you need is a hipster Ron to complete the golden trio.

Alexandra J. at LOOKBOOK


9. Minerva McGonagall

This gorge costume allows you to go old-school sorceress. Channel McGonagall's no-nonsense haughtiness with a grand sweep of this fab emerald cloak everywhere you go.

Chibi-Seth at deviantART


10. Rowena Ravenclaw

Go for full-on Medieval glamour as one of the Hogwarts founders. We don't know much about Rowena Ravenclaw's appearance, but with a diadem like the one pictured, we can see why it was so coveted.

ChameleonCosplay at deviantART



Which Harry Potter costume would you like to rock this Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

Check out more fab cosplay by following the links under each photo.


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