Dead Ends Competition Winners Announced!

Find out who the lucky winners are...


The results are back! Dead Ends is about two boys who make the most unexpected friendship.  Together they unravel the riddles and clues left in an old atlas to find Billy D's disappearing Dad.


The Dead Ends Competition was all about unlikely friendships and what better than 'Chalk and Cheese' the title of our winner. When talking to 'the new girl' is social suicide, find out how the unlikely friendship of Erin and Tria begins and ends. We also asked for stories about bullying from the perspective of the bully, the victim or a bystander, so we got some amazing entries that you can read here. Congratulations to our winners!



Chalk and Cheese by Jade.P



Runners Up

Fight and Stand by Sham28



Survival of The Fittest by SallyMai



Head in the Clouds by Shaving Monkey Sparrow



All winners will be contacted by email

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