7 Problems All Writers Will Understand

by , Thursday October 16, 2014
7 Problems All Writers Will Understand

Sometimes you have to suffer for your art…


Being a writer is great. Most of the time. But for all the creative freedom, flexible schedules and having a reason to splurge on gorgeous stationery, it’s not without its drawbacks.  Here’s the top seven struggles that will be familiar to any writer.

1. The sheer heartbreak of killing off one of your beloved characters, no matter how many times you tell yourself it’s best for the story.




2. Forcing a grateful smile when your proofreader gives you criticism that you secretly resent.


3. When you come up with an utterly genius, life-altering idea for a story and realise it’s actually something you’ve subconsciously stolen it from somewhere else.

4. The frustration of people asking you ‘but what you want to do for proper job?' when you reveal that you want to write professionally.

5. When you’re on a roll with your writing, so you forget to press save - only for your laptop to pick that exact moment to decide to die.


6. Coming up with an idea when you’re drifting off to sleep, and having no memory of it afterwards. Or worse: leaving yourself a cryptic little memo and then having no idea how to decipher it when you come back to it.

7. Paying so much attention to what goes on the heads of your characters, you realise you’re spending more time with them than your real-life friends. Bonus points if you often forget that they aren’t actually real life friends.
What do you think is the hardest part of being a writer? Have a moan in the comments!
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