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As you can see, Movellas has changed.  We told you not long ago that change was coming, and here it is or at least the first part of it.


Read our ‘Changes’ blog here.


You’ve told us how to make Movellas better and hopefully we’ve used your advice to do just that.  


First, you’ll notice the changes to the Movellas logo, branding and colours.  We think this is a long-needed update that reflects the energy of the community and smartens us up a bit.  We know that ultimately the logo and colours don’t change the experience for you however we think it works and most important, continues to put the content first.


The more important changes were based on a few simple ideas:


1) The Movellas community is diverse with wide interests

2) Movellas is a community as much as it is a place to read and write

3) Movellas is also a platform - it should always elevate content and community


The first big change we’ve made won’t be noticed by existing Movellians because it’s a new sign up process for new members.  The sign up method now lets new users capture the genres and fandoms that they love so we can personalise Movellas for them.  They can also select 3 or more featured authors to follow.  



We’ll use those selections to drive the next big change we’ve made….


A personalised home page!  No longer will you see the same generic page every time you come back to Movellas.  Now, when coming to the site you will have a personalised page just for you.  The banner will be the most recent competition or blog. Your homepage is pre-populated based on your recent activity and the activity of the users you follow.  You’ll now be able to change your selections if they aren’t relevant any more.  You can ‘Follow’ an author which will notify you of everything that author writes.

You can also ‘Favourite’ a story which will notify you when new chapters are published.  You can change your mind at any time to 'Follow' or 'Unfollow' on an author's profile page and 'Favourite'/'un-Favourite' on the story page itself. You can still 'Like' a story however doing so will not notify you to future chapters it will just express your preference for the story.  


You can create a new story directly from the homepage, using the 'New Story' button under your profile picture. Your stories are also on your homepage. Just click on ‘My Stories’ to view your work.



We’ve made what you’ve written the centrepiece of the profile page.  As you’ll see, all your Stories are now on the top of the page — if you’ve written many there is a 'view all' button where a second full page can be seen.



Groups and Forums are now out of the top-bar navigation.  Links to both of these features can now be found in the bottom-bar navigation. Your groups also appear on your homepage on the left as well as the fandoms and genres you follow. Over time we may bring in more links.  We’re also going to look at both of these areas again in the future to see what we can do to increase/improve usage.


Beyond those changes, you will see content has been moved around and we hope is now laid out in a way that’s easier to follow.  The site is now fully adaptive so whether you are on a laptop, tablet or phone you’ll get a great experience.  Our iOS and Android apps will be updated with the new look over the coming weeks as well.



Finally, this update is a springboard to continue to grow Movellas in the future and not at all a 'done' project.  We will continue to make gradual changes to improve the platform and as always we welcome your suggestions and ideas. Already our Ambassadors have pointed out that new stories and new chapters aren't included in the homepage feed. We will make this a priority for the next step.


Please let us know what you think in the comments. If there are any major technical questions you can email


Many thanks and we hope you love the new Movellas as much as we do!




The Movellas Team

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