The Best Fangirl Nail Art

by , Tuesday October 7, 2014
The Best Fangirl Nail Art

These fab fanicurists really nailed it.



Want to up your fangirl A-game AND get a polished new look? Forget sleeves, wear your heart on your fingertips with these awesome designs, inspired by your favourite TV shows, books and movies.



1. Harry Potter


harry potter nails.jpg


There’s no shortage of Harry Potter nail art on the web, but the way this manicure perfectly compliments the ‘Harry Potter’ cover designs sets it apart from the rest. And it’s even more impressive close up...


harry potter nails.png


Just look at the delicate feathery details!

By Muggle Manicures


2. Sherlock




What’s better than a ‘Sherlock’ fanicure? A Johnlock one, of course! The face-to-face cameo silhouettes of John and Sherlock are beyond precious, and that’s one seriously impressive skull.

By Ninails


3. The Mortal Instruments


mortal instruments.jpg


Proof that fangirl nail-art can be sleek and understated, this runic ‘Mortal Instruments’ design will appeal to those unfamiliar with the books and die-hard fans alike.

By The Polish Squirrel


4. The Fault in Our Stars




Too soon? Feast your eyes upon the stunning level of craftsmanship that’s gone into this heartbreaking design!

By cutepolish


5. Adventure Time




First up, a dreamy, psychedelic design inspired by the Lumpy Space Princess that’ll look gorgeous, whatever the occasion. If that’s not bold enough for you, all your fave characters from the craziest cartoon around make an appearance below...




Pro-tip: This also doubles up as a fab finger-puppet show for when you’re consumed by boredom.

Both by Chalkboard Nails



6. Divergent




Faction before blood! Luckily, you don’t have to pick just one with this gorge manicure. Check out the tiny leaves on the Amity design!

By Hotpinkzebrapolish


7. Harry Potter -Marauder’s Map




We solemnly swear that this nail art will delight even the most discerning Potterheads.

By JawsofKita-LoveHim


8. Hunger Games




Bold, simple and instantly recognisable. It’s the fashion-conscious fangirl’s dream!

By cutepolish


9. Paper Towns




A more abstract design that the rest, but that’s why we love it. The gorge green foliage gives a subtle nod to the importance of ‘Leaves of Grass’ in book, but we’ll leave it to you to work out all the other little significances.

By The Polish Squirrel


10. Lord of the Rings




And finally, unleash your darker side with this awesome Eye of Sauron nail art. My precious!

By Chalkboard Nails

What’s your fave fanicure? We challenge you to give it a go! Nearly all of the featured nail-art comes with handy tutorials so you can recreate the looks at home, so don’t forget to check out the links. Let us know how you get on in the comments!

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