Winners of the Westerfeld Writing Masterclass Announced...

14 Lucky Movellians Win a Writing Masterclass With Best Selling Author, Scott Westerfeld!


When we asked for your questions for Scott Westerfeld, the competition page was absolutely bombarded! We had funny questions and silly questions, and serious questions about Scott's writing, his books, and where he gets his inspiration from. There were was such a huge response we begged a few more places for the competition and we have chosen the winners.


Scott Westerfeld is the best selling author of 'Uglies' which explores the true meaning of inner and outer beauty in a future distopian world. To celebrate the release of his new book 'Afterworlds' Scott Westerfeld is in London to meet all his UK fans!


The winners of the competition were chosen because their questions offered variety. They have all won a place at the Writing Masterclass. Scott Westerfeld will talk for an hour all about his own writing and some techniques which have helped him write his books. He will also be signing books after the class. 


The Winners are...

RueThisDay asked:

What are the best and worst parts of being an author?


W0lverine asked:

How do you cope with being 'rejected' by a publisher? 


Ashtonslaugh asked: 

Do you think that there will come a time where quintessential characters will be the main protagonists of these dystopian novels or do we need imperfect characters to really reflect reality and allow the reader to connect with the character on a deeper level? 


xxmysteriousxx123 asked: 

If you were a teenager nowadays, do you think you would participate in online writing communities (like Movellas, etc)?


TamaraHargotter asked:

What's the best advice you've recieved as an author?


Jessica Catt asked:

If you lost the ability to read or write for a day what would you do?


DragonSoulJess asked: 

You said on your website that if you told us who you'd done ghostwriting for, you'd have to kill us. If you let it slip, how would you go about killing us? Would you plan it out carefully, or just grab the nearest thing that was heavy or sharp and get rid of us using that?


JuliaWasHere asked: 

Do you view your characters as real people?


Ahlaam Nightshade asked: 

A writer can only write as much as they read - what book was it that converted you to the world of literature? (i.e. what book was it that converted you into a reader?)


The Desert Wanderer asked: 

What do you look at when plotting your characters to make them believable towards the audience?


Uniqua Niques asked:

Do you sometimes use the books you write as a platform to present your own views on life in a subtle yet entertaining way? Or do you purely write to entertain your readers?




We were also able to give three places to our lovely ambassadors:

Ms Holly

Lia is a cookie

LV Snelson


Other Events with Scott Westerfeld This Weekend


Saturday 4th October 4.15pm-5.00m: 

London Southbank Centre, Festival Village appearing with fellow writer Garth Nix as part of the YA Weekender
Ticket information

Sunday 5th October 11am: Waterstones, The Glades Shopping Centre, Bromley
Book signing

Click here for more information

Sunday 5th October 1pm: Waterstones, Bluewater
Book signing

Click here for more information



Congratulations to all our winners, remember to take lots of notes, and tell us all about it!

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