Ten Tips to Help You Deal With Writer’s Block

Banish writing blues with these clever hacks.



It’s a condition that plagues every writer at some point or another. When your great idea hits a stumbling block and you find yourself staring at  blank page for hours on end, resisting the urge to throw your laptop out the window. But if you’re suffering from writer’s block there’s no need to despair–here’s our top ten sure-fire solutions.


1. Don’t beat yourself up


Suffering from writer’s block can feel like a failure, but try to see the bright side. If you’re finding writing a challenge, it’s likely that you’re blessed with the ability to be able to view your own stories critically, and strive to produce the best work you can. After all, perfection can’t be rushed!

2. Do something totally different

Sometime you’re just not in the zone–and that’s fine! Give your brain a break and go for a relaxing walk, catch up with a friend, or chill in front of the TV. Great ideas often creep up on you when you least suspect it....




3. Set yourself a time limit

In a slump? Find out if you’re the kind of person that thrives under pressure by giving yourself a tiny time-limit to work within. Whether it’s a one-minute brainstorm, or one hour to write a short story, a tight deadline will push you to get your ideas time. Sure, it won’t be your most polished work, but there’s bound to be a few diamonds in the rough.


4. Get support from fellow writers

Other writers are brilliant resources if you’re stuck with writer’s block. And the great news is that you don’t have to have Suzanne Collins on speed-dial–there are plenty of forums right here on Movellas for getting plot advice and words of encouragement.


5. Craft a killer Vision Board

This one might sound a little corny, but make your writing space more empowering by creating a collage of motivational mottos and inspirational quotes from your fave authors. Visualisation is the key to success, so surround yourself with images of positivity!


6. Think aloud

If you’re getting wrist ache from writing, deleted then retyping the same sentence twenty times, try a different approach and recite what you’re attempting to express aloud. Yes, this is somewhat dependent on where you choose to work–muttering to yourself in a public library may result in some funny stares, but art is all about sacrifices.

7. Shake up your writing space

In case the visualisation board doesn’t cut it, consider making some more drastic changes to your writing environment. Whether it’s moving around your bedroom furniture in order to create better feng shui, or finding a second home at the latest hipster coffee shop, finding the most comfortable space for you is essential (note: setting fire to your desk isn’t actually recommended).


8. Bin ideas that just aren’t working

There’s nothing harder than ditching a chapter or idea that you know isn’t working. But once you get over the initial devastation, banishing the surplus material can be surprisingly liberating.



9. Find a super stress-busting activity that works for you


If you’ve exhausted your creative energy, replenish your resources by listening to relaxing music, meditating, or taking a power nap–you never know, you may join the legions of writers whose work was inspired by dreams!


10. Start to see inspiration everywhere

Brilliant stories are everywhere, just waiting to be discovered. Browse old newspapers, ask older people about their experiences of major world events, check out your local art gallery.In the quest for fresh ideas, you can’t beat simply soaking up the world around you.


How do you ditch writer’s block? Let us know in the comments!


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