Doctor Who Fanfiction Competition Results

The winner of the Doctor Who Fanfiction Competition is....


Well Whovians, we read through all your incredible Doctor Who Stories and we do finally have the winners. If you love Doctor Who Fanfiction, you can read all the entries on the Doctor Who competition pageThe winner has won A Room Makeover Kit and a Writer's Toolkit from Smiggle and the runners up have won a Writers Toolkit each. 


There were some amazing ideas, flying through time and space for this competition, new aliens, new regenerations and bowties all round! Movellas clearly loves Doctor Who, because we had a brilliant turn out with Doctor Trivia and imaginative new aliens in every entry. 


The winning entry had a great rendition of what it must be like for the new doctor in his new and unfamiliar body. Her writing captured the scene really well and takes you straight into the Tardis with him. 



The Winner is...

Twelve Times a Charm by xxmysteriousxx123




Runners up...

The Alternative Choice by TheNerdWriter




Hope by The Mad Hatter's Daughter



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fallen_angel_2003 has won a writer's tool kit. 


Special Mention

There just wern't enough prizes to go around so a special mention goes to darth_timon and Megites Nightshade for their co written story The Dragons of Japan.


We will contact all the winners by email.

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