Top Six Underrated Characters

by , Friday September 19, 2014
Top Six Underrated Characters

Let’s hear it for these unsung heroes...


1. Mrs Hudson - Sherlock

England would fall! Mrs Hudson is so essential, she is there to show that Sherlock can care about normal people. AND she is the captain of the Johnlock ship...


2. Foxface - The Hunger Games

Although her identity is shrouded in mystery, no one can deny that Foxface is the cleverest, most wily tribute of the 74th Hunger Games. She manages to pass through the games relatively peacefully, relying on tactical intelligence rather than brute force. Even her –SPOILER ALERT–sticky end might not be what it seems. Check out this fab fan theory.


3. Martha Jones -Dr. Who

It’s probably safe to say that Martha was the least loved Doctor Who companion since the reboot. And sure, the sizzling chemistry between the Tenth Doctor and Rose was always going to be a tough act to follow. But feisty, whip-smart Martha provides a breath of fresh air when she decides leave the Doctor on her own terms and she shouldn’t be overlooked


4. Isaac - The Fault in Our Stars

You gotta love Isaac! The love story of Hazel and Augustus is amazing, but everyone forgets about Isaac and Gus...Isaac said if he could choose to be blind or have robot eyes he would stay blind because he wouldn't want to see the world without his best friend. That’s Love.


5. The Hyenas - The Lion King

This comedy trio are brilliant, Shenzie, Banzie and, of course, Ed. Who wouldn’t feel sorry for these underdogs? Banished, ruled over by Scar, and hilarious, plus anything voiced by Whoopie Goldberg is awesome.  And–SPOILER ALERT–they end up helping out the good guys by taking Scar down when he betrays them.



6. Argus Filch and Mrs Norris -Harry Potter

A bit of a pity vote, but can you imagine how frustrating it would be to work as a caretaker in the Wizarding world if you’re unable to use magic? Poor Filch spends his days cleaning up after bratty teenagers in a vast, sprawling castle, without the ability to summon handy scouring charms when cleaning up the many nasty spills that occur at Hogwarts. Solutions for removing basilisk blood, anyone?


Which characters do you reckon are totally underrated? Let us know in the comments below!

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