Say Whose Name? The Results of the Say Her Name Competition

The results for the Say Her Name Competition are in…



It has taken a while for us to peep out from under our covers to read the competition entries for Say Her Name, but the results are in.  If you are brave enough, you can read all the entries on the competition page. They were all read by James Dawson himself and he has chosen a winner and five runners up.


This was a tough competition, the stories followed the extract of Say Her Name setting up the next five days of adrenalin filled drama from Movellas writers. Read the extract on James Dawson’s Movellas profile.


The winner has won a signed copy of Say Her Name by James Dawson and personal feedback on their story, how to improve it, what worked, and why it was chosen. James Dawson is a very busy teen dark thriller writer who loves horror movies so he is tough to impress!


And the winner is...


Break the Glass by bookworm



The runners up…all winning a signed copy of Say Her Name


Mirrors by music36912


Her by LV snelson


Say Her Name [Play Her Game] by Luke J.R


The Countdown by N.O Larsen


Say Her Name Eat The Skin by jazzygoesrawr


We will be contacting the winner and the runners up by email.

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