Which Divergent Faction Would Your Favourite Characters Belong To?

Faction before blood - make your choice today!



Hey! It’s @Molly Looby back again with another sorting game!


Sorting all those characters into Hogwarts Houses last week was so much fun, and it set my brain thinking again. How about dividing them into ‘Divergent’ factions?

In case you’re not clued up on all of the factions, check out this summary of each faction:

Picture: Talking Evil Bean at Blogspot

ABNEGATION: ‘The Selfless’. Value sacrifice, modesty, submission

CANDOR: ‘The Honest’. Value truth, fairness, sincerity

AMITY: ‘The Peaceful’. Value harmony, friendship, kindness

ERUDITE: ‘The Intelligent’. Value knowledge, curiosity, perceptiveness

DAUNTLESS: ‘The Brave’. Value fearlessness, excitement, determination


This time I had the least characters in Abnegation and Divergent. Of course, like last time, one thing led to another and I came up with another list:



Harry Potter - ABNEGATION

Hermione (HP) - ERUDITE


Katniss (The Hunger Games) - DAUNTLESS

Peeta (The Hunger Games) - AMITY

Bella (Twilight) - CANDOR

Edward (Twilight) - AMITY


Augustus (TFIOS) - ERUDITE

Sherlock (Sherlock) - ERUDITE

John (Sherlock) - DAUNTLESS

The Doctor (Doctor Who) - ERUDITE

Luke Skywalker (Star Wars) – DAUNTLESS


I’d love to hear where characters I didn’t mention should go and I also want to know what you think of my choices in the comments.

Also, what faction do you belong in? In case you were wondering, I’m Erudite all the way. Here’s another cool picture to get you inspired!

Picture: Chloe Wassman on Pinterest


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