What It Feels Like To Be The World’s Best 1D Fanfiction Writer!

@Still Enya Sanders reveals what it’s like being crowned fanfic queen - and how she wrote her winning entry.


16-year-old @Still Enya Sanders has been a Movellas writer for two years. Last week, she was crowned World's Best 1D Fanfiction Writer for her winning entry, 'Our Years'.


How does it feel to be The Worlds Best 1D Fan Fiction Writer?

Pretty mad, to be honest! I was not expecting to win at all, I got home and saw loads of emails. It hasn’t really sunk in yet, I just screamed when I found out I won. My parents asked ‘What are you doing?’ and I just screamed that I won. They knew I had entered the competition because I wrote alot of ‘Our Years’ while we were on holiday and I was busy writing 1000 words a day! So they were really pleased that I won.


Wow, 1000 words a day! Did you give yourself that goal?

Yeah, I was really disciplined about writing 1000 words a day, even if I was tired. I knew the readers wanted updates on the chapters, and I work better to deadlines. I am a horrible procrastinator, I have to have deadlines otherwise I don’t get anything done.


If I don’t have a big story in my head, or I’m not working on a competition I don’t set myself that kind of deadline. Like my story Darling? on my Enya Sanders profile, I only update that when I’m feeling really inspired and sometimes it’s nice to have that freedom too.



‘Our Years’ is an epic, about 30 000 words! Were you already working on the story when you entered the competition?

No! I just saw the competition and just went for it! I didn’t even plan the story first. between chapters I think about what has to happen next but I did not plan the ending of ‘Our Years’ at all! The story came really naturally to me. Sometimes if you stick to the plan too much, you lose words and details that are important to the story too.


I just finished my GCSEs so I had loads of time off and I was really relaxed. I got lots of inspiration around me while I was on holiday. I actually hadn’t written anything new for months, so the competition helped me get out of my writers block.


Do you have any tips for how you handle writers block?

With writers block, what I always do is just write something random and even if it’s grammar is completely horrible and a total mess, you can go back and edit it and add  the description and the detail. I just wrote first and then when I went back on it and I edited it made things easier.


I had a lot of help from my friend, Molly.  She’s into writing too, shes not on Movellas sadly I’m trying to get her on it. The mistakes that I couldn’t see even when I had read it through a hundred times she could see, so it was really helpful to have a writing buddy.


How did you come up with such an original idea? Did you read other fan fiction to help you?

I didn’t read much other fan fiction, I read the other entries because I wanted to see the competition! There were some great ones, but I don’t use other fan fiction to get inspired because I didn’t want to get confused or mixed up with my own story.


I actually drew on my life a little, I took the idea from something that happend to me and I just thought, what if this happened for the rest of my life and with Harry Styles . . .


Are you working on anything at the moment? Maybe another 30K story about each of the boys?

Not really, as much as I think people would like that, the fan fictions I have written about Harry and Niall had the most potential and worked the best. Just because I happen to like Harry and Niall doesn’t mean I was being picky about it, they just fit the stories...


Well I am still working on ‘Darling?’ and I write poetry, but that is more on the spot. So there is nothing big coming.



Of the three prizes you’ve won, which are you most excited about?

I have to say I’m most excited about the story being on Amazon eventually. Writing is one of my big big dreams ... it’s everyone on Movellas big dream! It’s cool to have it finally come true. I want to try to get a job in the writing industry so it will be great for my CV and stuff like that.


What 1Direction song has the most plays on your itunes, Be Honest!

Kiss You! I love happy boppy music and it’s really catchy.

Would you like Enya Sanders to write another epic? Fan fiction or fiction or poetry? Let us know in the comments.


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