Eight Signs You’re a Janoskians Fangirl

Are you a true Janoskianator?



From Youtube pranksters to pop royalty, hilarious Aussie fivesome 'The Janoskians' have hit the big time, and stolen our hearts. But how to tell a true fangirl from those jumping on the bandwagon? Check out these sure-fire signs to find out!


1. You're entering the EXCLUSIVE No 1 Janoskians Fanfiction Writer competition on Movellas - coming soon! You may have RSI from opening your first chapter so many times (hey, reads are reads).


2. You wholeheartedly support the wearing of novelty animal masks to fancy red-carpet events.



3. You always know whether it’s Jai or Luke that you’re drooling over (and know which one is a Belieber!)


4. Whenever you hear one of their songs playing in public, you are obligated by fangirl dogma to stop whatever you’re doing and get your groove on, no matter how inappropriate or embarrassing.



5. This is basically you whenever you think about meeting them IRL:



6. Finding out that one of your friends doesn’t appreciate The Janoskians’ genius makes you seriously question your relationship with that person.



7. You have each member’s birthday committed to memory, and celebrate these sacred occasions as if they were your own.



8. You know what this means:





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