Best Ever Fictional Sidekicks

by , Friday August 29, 2014
Best Ever Fictional Sidekicks

The hero may hog the limelight but they’d be nothing without their mates!

Here’s five of the greatest sidekicks from books and TV…



1.       Hermione Granger

The ‘Harry Potter’ universe is chock-full of fantastic characters who provide support for everyone’s favourite bespectacled hero. Choosing just one is pretty heart-wrenching. However, you just can’t beat Hermione (sorry Ron).  Smart as a whip, adorably awkward and fiercely loyal, Hermione is one witch you want on your side. She’s also responsible for one of the most memorable HP quotes: ‘It’s Wingardium LeviOsa, not LeviosAR’! Love it.


2.       John Watson

Dr. Watson is without a doubt at his most endearing as played by Martin Freeman in ‘Sherlock’. His lovable, everyman persona provides the perfect contrast to Sherlock’s barmy brand of genius. He’s totally devoted to his partner in crime, even when Holmes is at his most ‘sociopathic-not-psychopathic’ self.  He may not be a super-sleuth but Watson manages to reveal Sherlock’s human side like no-one else.


3.       Amy Pond (and Rory!)

Okay, so this one is definitely cheating! But from the fifth to the seventh series’ of Doctor Who these two came as a package. Feisty, flame-haired Amy is a complicated character, but that’s why we love her. After some initial flirty banter, she forms a sibling-like relationship to Matt Smith’s impish, child-like Doctor.  Rory (or should that be Mr. Pond) may seem under the thumb of his wife, but their love for each other AND the Doctor is proved time and again. Ditching a hum-drum family life to go travelling through space and time, this is one cool couple who don’t mind the Doctor’s third-wheeling!


4.       Rue

One of the few truly innocent characters in the ‘Hunger Games’, Suzanne Collins gave Katniss (and her readers) a handful of joyful moments in the first book of her trilogy by providing her with a sweet little camping companion during the deadly games. But Rue is more resourceful than her age betrays, using her knowledge of plants to provide Katniss with urgent care after she’s stung by tracker-jackers. Of course, this is all before Collins decides to tear her readers’ hearts to shreds –and we’re still not emotionally ready to discuss what happens next!


5.       Pretty much all the ‘Disney’ animation sidekicks, ever.

Cheating again, but there were simply too many to choose from! No-one can create a lovable, eccentric sidekick quite like Disney. From Aladdin’s groovy Genie guide, to summer-loving snowman Olaf, the goofy awkwardness of the sidekicks provides a refreshing break from the sometimes all too perfect protagonist.


What do you think makes a good sidekick? Who are your all-time faves? Let us know in the comments!


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