Five Reasons Why I Love Writing with Tess Sharpe

YA author Elizabeth May on why two heads are better than one...


YA fantasy writer and author of The Falconer, Elizabeth May (above), explains why Tess Sharpe is an awesome writing partner: 


1. Tess has been reading my work forever (well, not forever; but over a decade feels like it!). So she knows my writing habits, both good and bad. She's read my best stuff and my really crappy stuff and we've both grown as writers -- and friends -- together.


2. I can trust her honesty. She's read so much of my work that she knows when I'm holding back and when I'm not putting in my best effort.


3. She is the best at making me feel better when the little demon of doubt makes me feel bad about my own writing. Which it does often! And she's right there to let me know that just because an idea is weird doesn't mean it isn't awesome.


4. We draw from our own lives and experiences. Tess lives near the Oregon border, and I live in Scotland, so we both come from two incredibly different world views that shape our stories, our writing, and our feedback. 


5. Tess's writing inspires me to be a better writer. :)


Do you have a writing partner? What makes them brilliant? Let us know in the comments!

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Elizabeth May is the author of The Falconer. Read an extract here. You can follow Elizabeth on Twitter: @_ElizabethMay

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