How To Write A Thriller

by , Tuesday August 26, 2014
How To Write A Thriller

Tess Sharpe, author of YA thriller Far From You, reveals how to ramp up your readers' pulse rates!

1. Pacing: look at your chapter endings like commercial breaks during a TV show—you want them to not only hook the reader, but spur them to keep on reading, hearts racing! 


2. Character: the more the reader cares about a character, the more invested they are.  For me, the key to creating compelling characters is emotional motivation, which brings me to point 3. 


3. Stakes and Motivation: I like to ask myself “What’s at risk?” and “Why does she keep going even with the risk?” with every chapter. Sometimes, characters need to do crazy things, especially in Thrillers! Understanding the WHY, their motivation makes everything more real. 


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Tess Sharpe is the author of Far From You. Read an extract here. You can follow Tess on Twitter: @Sharpegirl.

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