Sony Young Movellist Australia - the winners

And the winners are...


We have spend a lot of time reading and we are so pleased that we can now announce the overall winner, who is offered the opportunity to enter into a publishing agreement with Random House! And this isn’t all. The talented writer will also soon be receiving a Sony Xperia Z Ultra Smartphone.


The winner is:

Haze Ubscured by Ben Karwan


The two runner ups who are receiving Skye Melki-Wegner's entire backlist and a Sony Xperia Z Ultra Smartphone are:

1st Runner Up: Sallow by Laurie J Bradley


2nd Runner Up: Account of a Daffodil by Hallo Fascination


Six other stories made it to the shortlist which was send to Random House and read by a panel of judges.


These stories are:

Cherished by Green_Jordané

Experiment Generator by RissaSmiles

Mage of Memory by Amy Booth

Momentum by Raven Girl

Twisted Minds by Meatbun


Winner who only submitted the three first chapters of a novel:

The Unfortunate Happenings of Missy Plume by Miljabubba


Congratulations to the winners and those who made it to the shortlist!






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