5 Reasons I Love Writing With Elizabeth May

YA author Tess Sharpe reveals why having a writing partner rocks...



Tess Sharpe (above), author of gripping thriller, Far From You, loves throwing ideas around with fellow YA writer Elizabeth May. She explains why Elizabeth is the best writing partner:


  1. She is always honest—the ultimate in tough love. I know I’ll always get the truth from her—even if that truth causes me to ditch an entire draft and start over from scratch. Also, she once fixed a kissing scene of mine by telling me to have the heroine bite the hero’s lower lip. IT TOTALLY WORKED. Elizabeth May: fictional kissing fixer/expert.
  2. She gets me—after 10+ years trading work and puzzling out stories together, sometimes it’s like sharing one big brain that really likes putting our characters through hell.  Misery is just so much fun to inflict, you guys!
  3. She inspires me—the woman can do anything! She’s a published novelist, she taught herself photography when we were teens and then made a career out of it, she’s about to get her doctorate and there really is pixie dust in that pretty hair of hers. (Shhh, don’t tell!)
  4. She pushes me to be gutsy—when I sent her the first pages of the book that would become Far From You, I was totally unsure about it. She got me to continue it.  And put up with all my whining about it.
  5. We can talk about anything—who else am I going to have three hour-long conversations with about everything from psychopathic tendencies to how to blow up a Meth Lab without the person thinking I’m either crazy or a criminal? 

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