by , Friday August 8, 2014

Movellas is changing


We find people using Movellas in so many different ways and for so many different reasons it's hard for us to keep up sometimes.  Some only read and some just write... many do both. Some read on mobile devices and write on their PC. If they could, I'm sure some Movellas users would post us pages written with a quill and India Ink. A few people love making covers only and many just love to mumble with their friends.


The one thing that we find consistent across all these different cases is Movellians spend a lot of their time using Movellas. So when we want to make Movellas better, when we want to make big changes... we're really conscious of the impact these changes have on you and how you use Movellas.


It's in that spirit that we're starting to tell you about some big changes that are in the offing for all Movellas users.  


So what's changing?  A lot...;)


First the way Movellas looks is getting a real update. We want Movellas to have a strong identity... but one in which the content and the people are the stars. This is harder to do than for a games' platform or a for publisher who have control over all the created content that is published... Movellas creates very little of the content we publish. So we want our identity to be strong but not too strong.


Second, we want movellas to work great on all the devices being used by our community: PC, Mac, tablets, mobile browsers, Andoid, iOS.


Finally, we wanted to create a platform for future growth. As Movellas gets more members and more stories, we want the experience to continue to be great. So you'll see one of the biggest change we're making is to start personalising your experience of Movellas.  


What does 'personalising movellas' mean?


The new features we'll be releasing over the coming months will give members the opportuntiy to see more stories they like and few stories they don't. Simply-put, if there are genres or fandoms you don't like you will be able to see less content about those subjects. You won't however be able to eliminate it completely which we think would be bad for everyone.


We're also going to let career authors have more information about themselves and their work and we're revitalising the ambassadors program to keep us on our toes and make sure we're doing the right thing for the community.


That's a lot of change...


You'll start to see these changes coming through in late August and the biggest ones will be in September. Along with these changes we will be providing some guides to make sure everyone can get the most out of Movellas.


We have no illusions that we're going to get everything right the first time - change is sometimes painful - but we want your help to let us know if we're getting it right. At the end of the day we have to make it work for a lot of people even though we know:


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