21 Summer Reads

by , Tuesday July 22, 2014
 21 Summer Reads

How many have you read? 

Welcome to your summer reading list! We've scoured the site for the top 21 summer reads, in no particular order. All these stories are completed, so you won't be left hanging. Plus they're from all sections of the site - so you're bound to discover something that's perfect for you. Happy reading!


1. On The Outskirts Of The Gang by @bobsicle 

Missing school already? ;) Just kidding, but this school-set movella is one of our favourites and will keep you entertained over the long summer days. It's definitley worth the time! 


2. Going Underground by @Squonk of the Nightshade 

Beautifully written, Going Underground takes the classic idea of a futuristic dystopian and gives it a meta 'Movellian' twist. A must read!  


3. Regret Nothing by @skyam 

Are you in the mood for some romance? You won't expect this movella to go in the direction that it does...


4. Dragon Day by @Mina Rowen ☕ 

Castles, suitors, dragons, princesses, moats and crocodiles, all wrapped in elegant and orginal prose! This is a 'can't stop reading' movella. 


5. Stuck by @HannahGrimstonx 

Stuck is beautifully written, has a fascinating storyline and delves deep into the human psyche. If you want a good adventure/ mystery read, this is the one for you! 


6. The Lady of the Hood by @PotterheadElleth 

A Robin Hood inspired movella that will keep you on the edge of your seat... 


7. Bonnie by @Squeeze 

Bonnie had to make it on to our list simply for the way wartime Britain is captured so well. Its authentic portrayal of love, heartbreak and romance makes this historical fiction timeless.


8. Light Bearing by @Paradoxical Stone


Described as 'one of the best pieces of work I have read on movellas', Light Bearing is a fascinating tale of fantasy and adventure. We love how well written and exciting it is! You will too. Promise. 


9. Home of the Brave by @CarsonFaircloth

A short well-written Divergent inspired movella; make sure to check out @CarsonFaircloth's other works too! 


10. I Know You're There by @Teriiiiii

What would you do if you suspected a classmate was living rough...?


11. Wolf Lake by @Chloe McCormick

@Chloe McCormick has a variety of amazing movellas to choose from; we had difficulty picking one for our list. If you want some paranormal wolf action, this is the place to stop. 


12. A Good Bowl of Ramen by @Samuel Mayo

Ahh, steampunk! If you have no idea what steampunk is, click above to find out ;) And if you do know what steampunk is- why are you still reading this sentence?! 


13. Blood Will Have Blood by @Aunt Midnight Rogue ☕️ 

One of our former competition winners, Blood Will Have Blood, is most definitely a recommended read... especially if revenge, Vikings and massacres are your thing.


14. The Bridge of Aspiration by @MereCat

Welp, this one is a real tear-jerker. The Bridge of Aspiration is an epic saga detailing the life and times (and also particularly the plights) of depressed orphan Erin Weir who finds freedom, expression and a release in dancing. Be sure to check out @MereCat's other works which include the particularly beautiful and interestingly-written "My Suckish Poetry."


15. Platinum Heart by @beliebervision

There is a lot of Justin Bieber fanfic on Movellas so it can be difficult to know where to start! Platinum Heart is well-written and has an interesting plot twist. Perfect for those long hot summer days! 


16. A Daughter of Light (A Light onto The World) by Price Girls

This story, though dark, suspenseful, and gripping at times, is also sweet and lighthearted in places. Though a combination of two possibly conflicting genres - romance and supernatural, this author manages to write both a terrifying, compelling story, and a terrifically addictive read. 


17. The Boy Who Ate a Soul by @A Child of the Madness

The intriguing plot line of this movella is what compelled us to include it on our list of 'summer reads'. Be warned, there is lots of blood! 


18. The Sphinx Project by @KCHawkings 

A captivating tale of one girl's struggle for freedom...This one is for those of you who want a super long and interesting sci-fi read! 


19. Slow Life by @bakaprincess85

This Twilight inspired movella convincingly rewrites our favourite vampire-werewolf love story with a fascinating twist. Bakaprincess85's unique and original idea carries through to make for a great tale. A great summer (winter, autumn and spring) read! 


20. Don't close your eyes by @roxy  

A shorter summer read, this thriller is bound to keep you hooked until the end. Make sure to check out ambassador Roxy's other movellas too!


21. Silence by @Hazzer123

Silence, one of our favourite Hunger Games fanfics, is set during the 31st Hunger Games and is action packed, stylistically brilliant and a real tear-jerker. May the reading be ever in your favour... (sorry, we just can't help it!)


That's all for now, folks! We know there will be some amazing summer reads that have been missed out, so make sure to comment below and let us know your movella summer read recommendations! 


Words: Zahra Hussain



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