The Forever Song - A Writing Competition: The Results!

The wait is over Bloodbags: it's time to announce the winner of The Forever Song writing competition. Get your teeth into these results... 


Human or Monster: what would you choose? This is the deadly decision which Allie struggles with until her love is murdered.


We asked you all to enter your stories about love, revenge, vampires and the inner fight between Monster and Human and boy did you all write! All the entries were great and well done to you all! (A few of them even has us choosing whether we would be Monster or Human... -we'll never tell which one we picked!) 


So now it's time to reveal the overall winner and three runners up... get a bite of this!


The Winner

My Best Friend (Short Story) - By Ashlee Renee

Ashlee won feedback from The Forever Song's author, Julie Kagawa! Here's what Julie thought: "A fabulous, emotion-filled short story about loss and betrayal.  It really makes you feel all the feels.  Keep writing, and you will go far.  =)"


Runners Up

Pistol Prison -  By Shaving Sparrows Monkey


Julie's editor, Natashya had a few tips to share with the runners up! Natashya: "We liked this one as it felt like the author had a specific theme regarding the price of revenge—it left us thinking over that final question of whether it is worth it."


If Only by MahoganyPumpkin™

Natashya's thoughts: "Word of advice to the author—consider not having the heroine scream when she turns around. She’s an assassin—she likely wouldn’t do that, as she is practiced in staying silent under intense circumstances, one would assume, and she already knows someone is behind her due to the note—so why scream/startle so much? Unless she isn’t really an experienced assassin and is only pretending, in which case, ignore that advice!"


The Darkness - By Chloe_123_x

Natashya's thoughts: "We like that there is a clear, definite conflict set up, and a moral question—the heroine’s desire to be one of the vampires v. her loyalty and love (we assumed) for her mother—dark and compelling."


Congratulations to the winner and runners up of this tantalisingly tasty writing competition! Well done again to all who entered! If you need us, we'll be hiding from all you monsters behind some books! 

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