Funny Friday: Book Vs Film

by , Friday August 22, 2014
Funny Friday: Book Vs Film

Which is better? You decide...



Personally, books will almost always win but sometimes, just sometimes, a film almost comes close! Here are my top five book-to-film adaptations! Get involved by commenting below and saying whether you're team #books or team #films...


1. Harry Potter (Every. Single. One) - BOOK 

As much as I love Rupert Grint (Ron), the films just don't capture every little detail for me! They come pretty close but not quite what my imagination had created! When it comes to the Harry Potter series/collection, I'm a firm follower in the books! #booksplease

Potters II by L.Whittaker on Flickr


2. Romeo & Juliet - FILM

Shakespeare's play turned modern day film is a winner for me! I love Leonardo Di Caprio, so... sorry Shakespeare!

Picture: Romeo + Juliet Postcard by Michelle B on Flickr



3. The Book Thief - BOOK

One of my absolute faves! The Book Thief (the book) stole my heart, the film, not so much.

Picture: Day 313: Book Thief by Crimsong19 on Flickr



4. Twilight - BOOK
This was one was a toughie! Even though I found Bella annoying in the novels, she was unbearable in the films and so this round goes to...the book!

Picture: Twilight Love <3 by Larkyn T on Flickr



5. The Hunger Games - FILM

This was a toughie - but this round has to go to the film!

Picture: Hunger Games by Mike Mozart on Flickr


Do you agree with these choices? Which books do YOU think are better than the film? And vice versa? Share with us in the comments below!

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