Funny Friday: Characters We Secretly Love

You know you shouldn't love them, but you do (Shh... it's supposed to be a secret!) 


No, this isn’t the start of an Edward-Bella style love story, but it is a form of forbidden love. I know, I know, I’m being so dramatic but for good reason! In every book I’ve read or film I’ve watched there is always a villain, a baddie. They’re mean, rude and think the storyline revolves around them but sometimes… through all the hate… I slowly start to love their character as much as I try to resist!


So here’s a run-down of my top three characters that I secretly kind of love!


Image: Chris Drumm

My number one character that I hate to love has to be Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. I journeyed on an emotional rollercoaster with this character! From pity, to hate, to love, to slightly freaked out… (the list goes on) I settled on the fact that despite all his faults, I am… and always will be hating the fact that I love Heathcliff! (To the point where his name is the password for my laptop – shh!)

Next on my top three has to be….


2.Draco Malfoy a.k.a Tom Felton

Image: Joella Marano

A slightly controversial person to love amongst my friends, but I mean… how could you not? In the first couple of films I must admit I found Malfoy sooo annoying but by Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, something had changed. I felt a little sorry for him. He was a puppet in the grand scheme of things, living in fear of he-who-must-not-be-named. Poor Malfoy, it’s okay, I heart you!

Last, but certainly not the last person on my list is….


3.Cruella de Vil!

One of my fave books and later film - as a child I absolutely despised Cruella. She scared me and had me thankful that I was not a Dalmatian puppy! But as I’ve got older I can appreciate-ish where Cruella was coming from as a lover of fashion and as an independent woman! I know we’re supposed to hate Cruella – I do… but I kind of love her too! (Note: no animals were hurt in the making of this blog - promise!)


Which characters do you secretly love? Share with us below!


Words: by @SeeFarAway

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