Funny Friday: Where's Your Favourite Reading Spot?

Tucked up in bed or spread out on your sofa? Where do you go to escape with your book? Use the hashtag #FaveReadingSpot and share your pic with @Seefaraway



We’ve all been there. You’re just about to crack open your current read after a long day, you’ve been itching to find out what happens next and then BAM! Your little brother is running wild through the house, the neighbourhood dogs are having a barking competition and there is a tap dripping somewhere that is sure to drive you insane mid-read!


So for this week’s #FunnyFriday I want to know, where do you go to get your read on? Post pictures online or in a mumble and use #favereadingspot so you can be sure that we and the other movellians can see your pic! It can be anywhere in the world, bedroom, beach or even a fort made of blankets!


Here’s a run-down of my top five #favereadingspots! (Brace yourself for number five…!)


1. I like nothing better than to escape to my bedroom – but only when it’s tidy! Pillows + blankets + my books = a good reading session!



2. When I’m on holiday you’ll find me at the beach, soaking up the sun and more importantly a good story (or two!)

beach pic.jpg


3. If I’m out and about a nice hot chocolate in a café warms me (and my books) right up!



4. Being surrounded by books makes me enjoy reading that much more. You might find me down an aisle in my library, sat on the floor next to piles of books!



5. It wouldn’t be a #FunnyFriday without a truly hilarious confession… I sometimes read in the bathroom and as weird as it sounds it’s a great place to escape to sometimes… (depending on who’s been in there before!)

Photo: thejbird


Now get snapping and whilst you’re there… get reading! We can’t wait to see your #favereadingspot! It can be anywhere in the world, bedroom, beach or even a fort made of blankets! Nominate your friends and get them to share a pic too! Got a great idea for #FunnyFriday? Share it with us in comments!


Have fun, happy reading and enjoy the weekend! :)

Words: @Seefaraway

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