by , Wednesday July 9, 2014

How to share your favourite books (and make some money too)!


You know when you really love a book you want to tell everyone they have to read it? Well now there's an easy way to do it that will enable your friends to start reading straight away and it could even earn you some money.

ValoBox is a completely new way to share books. It's a bit like YouTube in that you can embed something you love in your site or share it on social media and anyone can start reading it immediately - whether they're on their phone, tablet or computer. But because it's for books not videos, obviously it works a little differently. Anyone can start reading a book for free - normally the first 3 chapters - and if they love it they can log in to read more for free. But there comes a point at which they have to buy the book to read more and that's where you can earn money. You can create a special link or embed code and when anyone uses it then earn a 25% of the sales price, just for introducing them to the book. You can use it to buy more books you love or let it add up and then withdraw it via paypal.
One book we think you and your friends will love on ValoBox is Dead Ends, the amazing new book from author Erin Jade Lange. Read all about it here
To share the book with everyone you know:
2. Follow the log in link and then click sign up to create your own account or log in with Facebook or Twitter
3. Once you have an account click the share button in the top right corner
4. Use the link to share the book on social media or email or click the Embed button to generate a link which you can use to embed the book directly in your site
Sit back and wait for your friends to love it as much as you do!
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