3 Things I've Learnt From The Fault In Our Stars

Find out the life lessons Laura McClain-Smith has learnt from John Green...


"'The Fault In Our Stars by John Green evidently affects every life of those who read it, providing an impact which is both hilarious and tear-jerking.


I know personally that this novel has changed my life in many ways. Not only has it become one of my favourite books of all time, but it has taught me many life lessons that can only be found in this gem of a novel.


1. A reality check on illness, particularly cancer.

As a teenager, I have never truly come face to face with severe illness or death. Of course, I know relatives and some distant family friends that have had cancer, but they were all over 30, which seems like such a long way away. There was also a boy in my year at school who got a form of blood cancer, but yet again, I was never particularly close with him, and the reality and severity of the situation never sunk in.


Although a depressing life lesson, learning about cancer in 'The Fault In Our Stars', particularly in people our age like Augustus, Hazel and Isaac, who like the same things and do the same things as I do, made cancer and illness all the more real to me. Such as Hazel enjoying literature and poetry as I do, or Augustus and Isaac playing games like many of my friends do.


Before, cancer seemed like a cruel illness that I wouldn't ever encounter until I was middle aged, maybe not even then, but now, I am so much more aware about cancer and illness, especially in teenagers, and the effects of cancer on everyday lives.  


2. Love one another as much as you can

This is a bit of a soppy life lesson to learn, but Augustus and Hazel both knew they wouldn't last long, and when their relationship eventually ends, they know it will end in death. Yet, they always stay positive and enjoy the little time they have in their 'little infinity'.


I think this lesson is particularly valuable to teenagers, as we all fall in love or get boyfriends at some point, and although your heart might be broken in the end, you have to jump in with both feet, otherwise you miss out on the whole experience of love. Obviously, the ending of some of our relationships are a little less catastrophic as Augustus and Hazel's, but there should still be the same moral lesson.

This should also apply to making friends or being with family members- enjoy the time on earth that you have!


3. Find joy in the little things in life

I am going to be perfectly honest, I have always been an extremely pessimistic person but The Fault In Our Stars changed that. I definitely appreciate the smaller, and more comforting things in life, that, essentially, matter most instead of looking at the looming, scary future, or the bad parts of my day.


Like appreciating 'V for Vendetta', or a book, or even egging someone's car, I now appreciate small family moments and cuddling up with the boyfriend a lot more than the irrelevant bad moments of my day.


Obviously, there are other lessons this wonderful novel teaches us. What have you learnt from The Fault In Our Stars? Let me know in the comments. "

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