Movie Review 5: The Fault In The Stars  *No Spoilers*

BookTuber + blogger Casey shares the moment she got to meet TFIOS's Ansel + Nat!

"Let me tell you a story. I read a book my friend who I trust so dearly told me to read. It changed my life a little. It changed how I thought about life, love, death and friendship. Death is inevitable, but its something you don’t need to be sad about. Live life to the fullest and appreciate your health.

I  found out this book was going to be made into a movie and I couldn’t contain my excitement.
A year had passed and it was time for the film to be released. Movella were kind enough to send me, Katie from Ohcakey on youtube and Charli from Bookinity to see a preview screening of TFIOS.

That whole day before the screening I was filled with a bundle of emotion. Why? Because I was going to have to re live a book I bawled my eyes out over, hadn’t left my house in two days and was having withdrawal systems from a fiction character. All this happened but yet I wanted to watch it so badly.

When we arrived we sat down and already we were getting emotional. It started and from beginning to end I felt every emotion mentioned in the English dictionary. Even one reporter gentlemen made it clear to the guy sitting next to him that if he heard him crying it was hay fever... YEAH RIGHT.

The movie was everything I hoped for. Gus and his swoon worthy fun self and Hazel and her beautiful brave self. It was close to perfect. And I wanted to take the time to say thank you to John Green for writing a book we all love and thank you Shailene, Ansel, Nat and Josh (director) for bringing this all to life in a timeless, beautiful and unforgettable way. Go see the film guys! You wont regret it! Just take some tissue..... or a lot of it.

Also I just wanted to say that after I watched this movie I decided that one day I want to meet Ansel, Shailene and Nat and thank them. So two days ago I found out that they were in London and the rest his history... check out these pictures. :)"









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