Movie Review 2: The Fault In The Stars  *No Spoilers*

Movellian @TheFuzz got to watch TFIOS before anyone else! Read her review here...


"Through a spectacular lick of luck and a lot of generosity from Movellas, last week I was sent to a private early screening of The Fault in our Stars.


It was a wonderful experience, and I could pinpoint the moment when the sadness hit the audience because the cinema filled with the sniffs of people struggling to hide their sobs. I was one of those people, laughing, crying, all of it. I know it’s a cliché but it’s definitely an emotional rollercoaster!


My favourite thing about the film had to be the actors. Yes, Ansel Elgort (Gus) and Shailene Woodley (Hazel) have both been in Divergent, the hit young adult film of 2014, but they still have an aura of not-so-hollywoodness about them. They feel like real people, which makes everything they go through during the movie seem even more real. They’re not made forcibly distant because you aren’t constantly reminded that you’re watching a film, and it’s not often that that happens. In fact, the whole cast is amazing, from Hazel’s parents to her friend Isaac (Nat Wolff).


Yeah, it was a complete sob-fest, but I’ve never enjoyed crying so much! The film is true to the novel, though of course they can’t fit everything in (but look out for little references to the book!), but it doesn’t take anything from the film at all. You still feel as though you’re being taken on Hazel’s journey by Hazel herself, walking the path she’s walking and feeling all the emotions that Shailene so powerfully portrays. However I would encourage anyone who hasn’t already done so to read the book, which adds a certain amount of depth to the experience.


I honestly believe that you’ll all LOVE this movie, not since The Perks of being a Wallflower have I been so emotionally invested in fictional characters! Plus, having watched a huge number of John Green’s vlogs (vlogbrothers, Youtube), I reckon he’s one of the nicest authors about. People say he gives teens a voice, which I totally agree with, and this made me, at least, enjoy the film even more! Let’s just say, he’s no Peter Van Houten! ;)"


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The Fault In Our Stars is in UK cinemas from June 19

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