Movie Review 1: The Fault In The Stars  *No Spoilers*

BookTuber @OhCakey got to watch TFIOS before anyone else! Read her review now: 

"The Fault In Our Stars has flown to the top of the US box office with its release across the pond the other week, and I was lucky enough to be given the chance by Movellas to see an advanced screening ahead of its much anticipated release in the UK.
Casey (Dark Readers), Charli (Bookinity) and I sat in the little screening room half an hour before the film was due to start, emotionally preparing ourselves for the sob fest that was likely to, and most certainly did, ensue. We had our tissues prepped, and a gentleman in front of us even explained to his neighbour that if he was caught crying it would be due to "hay fever".
The film was a wonderful adaptation of John Green's book, and the emotion that went along with the storyline was second to none, which is down to the outstanding acting of Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort as Hazel and Gus. Their love in the film didn't seem at all plastic, unlike a lot of on-screen romances, but instead flowed with chemistry and reality. The unsung hero of any film is the soundtrack which I thought fitted incredibly perfectly with the story and the emotions that were running wild in the cinema.
As was expected I cried and sniffled through a lot of this film, but surprisingly enough I also laughed amongst the tears. The Fault In Our Stars isn't just a story about cancer, full of sorrows and pain as would be stereotypically concluded, it's also a story of finding love and happiness, and living life to the full while you can. If anything that teaches us the best life lesson."
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The Fault In Our Stars is in UK cinemas from June 19

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