Split Second Writing Competition Results!

Find out who's won feedback from YA author Sophie McKenzie...

In Sophie McKenzie's gripping new novel, Split Second, two young people meet in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in the city. When Charlie starts to think Nat knows more than he's letting on about the explosion, things take a dangerous twist:


“WHAM! The blast knocked me off my feet. I slammed down hard on my back, onto the floor. Winded, I lay there, stunned. What was happening?“


We asked you to write what happened next. Read more about the competition here. Watch the trailer below. Here are the winners, well done to everyone! Look out for emails from Eva so we can pass on your prize. 



Feedback from Sophie McKenzie

Gods by @sincelyjoey


Runners Up

Signed copy of the book

In the Blink of an Eye by @C.H. Potter

In a split second by @HarryStylesIsABabe

'split second' competition by @Martinw

Split Second - Charlie by @ShellMcB00

The Bomb Through Which We Met by @Night







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