Safety first

by , Sunday May 11, 2014
Safety first

We take your safety seriously and so should you…

Would you give your email address and telephone number to a stranger at your bus stop? Of course not. But when you give out personal details online, you have no way of knowing who you’re giving them to.


While your Twitter and Instagram profile may not contain any information that identifies you, an email address, telephone number or even a Facebook account is different. Stop and think before you make personal information available on online.


Use the same passwords across different sites? You’re making it easy for any hackers out there. Keep your Movellas password unique, change it regularly and never share it with anyone.


Any information that we feel is unsuitable to post on Movellas will be removed.

Read our handy guide to making the most of Movellas here. It contains a list of dos and don’ts designed to keep you safe and happy on the site!

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