Movellas Supports The Well Versed Project

Stay Safe On The Internet - Spread The Word!

The Well Versed Project needs your help. YouTubers Oli White, Cherry Wallis and Suli Breaks alongside PJ want to give young people the chance to share tips for staying safe online. On the website you can submit a 15 second video with your top piece of advice. The best entries will be made into a film to be shared on YouTube. 


"Help us make a film about staying safe inside the wondrous internet. Listen to the opening verse of PJ's poem, then write and film your own with your advice. One or two lines, spoken, drawn, animated, acted - whatever makes it pop. Just make sure you upload it before the Friday 16th May closing date and follow the four golden rules below."


To enter visit and  upload your vid. Remember these four rules:

1. You need to be between 13 and 18 years old and live in the UK

2. Get permission from anyone appearing in your film - and remember, they must be between 13-18 too

3. Don't use any music in your submission

4. Make sure your clip is less than 15 seconds long


Movellas knows the importance of staying safe online and will be supporting the project. Tag us in your uploads and we'll compile a playlist of our favourites on the official Movellas YouTube channel


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