Announcement: Papella Orders

by , Friday May 2, 2014
Announcement: Papella Orders

Important News Regarding Papellas

Starting from Monday 12th May, you will only be able to order Papellas (printed versions of your Movellas) at certain times of the year. 


Why have we done this?

There are two reasons:

1. Demand - we didn't get as many orders as we expected

2. Resources - as you guys know, we are a really small team at Movellas. We figured our time was better spent organising awesome competitions, answering your queries and making Movellas as great a place as possible


When can you order?

You will be able to purchase Papellas at the following times of the year:

Mid November - 31st December

1st March - 30th April

1st July - 31st August


If you'd like to order any Papellas, you have until Sunday 11th May to get your orders in. 



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