DIVERGENT Competition Results

by , Friday April 25, 2014
DIVERGENT Competition Results

Find Out If You Won Our Awesome DIVERGENT Contest!

It's a good job I like DIVERGENT. Because I've just spent the last week reading every single one of your stories and cover designs for our DIVERGENT competition. All 95 of them!


It was super tough to judge because the standard was so high. You really conjured up new worlds and characters so vividly, I'm confused as to what the original story is! Here are the winners - well done to you all. 


Winners - Signed Copy of the Book

Finis Autem Omnium by RockkaRolla

Liberty Blue by Pikachunicorn

Renegade *Divergent Competition* by wreckedmind

Divergent (Cover Entry) by Adison

Horizon by Yazmin

Wave The White Flag by So Funny Forgot To Laugh

Bliue Bird by Lovemonkey

Divergent Alternative Cover (Entry 3) by White Ravens

Convergent *Divergent Competition* by Zoe Shadownight

The Cobbler by Annie G


Runners Up - DIVERGENT goody bags

Divergent Cover by Enya Sanders

All the Same by Dara Quinn

Action by Calley Taylor

Post-Apocalyptic Story of Kane Amory by IAmDivergent

Paladin by Katie Jackson

Divergent alternative cover by Mirlotta

'Blue' by Megites Nightshade

The Ill-Fated Ones by AllieInWonderland

Divergent movie cover by Kaitlyn99

The Amity Initiation *Divergent Comp* by FireWitch

Factionless by miss_gray

Divergent Cover by Pasta

Amity *Divergent Competition* by HermioneKatnissTris

Symulation by Bec Allen

Divergent Cover 2 by Potter_at_Heart

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