More Harry Potter Fanfics!

by , Wednesday April 23, 2014
More Harry Potter Fanfics!

Celebrating #JoinUsJKRowling!

Yesterday we had the best Harry Potter fanfics according to Evelyn Shadownight.


Today it's Raven711!


As It Began - I'mNotReadyForThis's story follows the same basic timeline, but everything happens differently, like the Triwizard being held at Durmstrang. JKR would be proud of this. 


Draco Malfoy and the Rejected Handshake - Mirlotta and co's hilarious story is The Sorcerer's Stone from Draco the Unicorn King's POV. 


The Sleazy WeasleysWeasleyWriter and Annabella WandArrow.  This story is unique and captures Fred and George perfectly, from the Sorting onward- be ready for lots of tricks. 


Veracity - *Liz*.  I'd never thought about what Ginny went through while the Trio was hunting Horcruxes, but this really makes you wonder- Slytherin attacks, thestrals, and nightmares make for an interesting story.


The Slytherin Scandal Year One - Raven of the Toc'ra.  The character is what really makes this movella unique- a Muggle-born Slytherin who isn't constantly with Harry, has some special powers, and (actually) a few flaws. 


Pensieve of the Prince - I'mNotReadyForThis.  A trip through Snape's memories, this story is thoughtful and well-written.


Obliviate - E.H.Weaver Nightshade.  Hermione's voice in this story about her and what she did to her parents is short but beautiful. 


Summer Love - K. E. Kamiko.  Warning: read only if you want to cry. 


What NOT to Say to Harry Potter - FluffyNargles.  Ginny is just the perfect crushing, speechless, babbling, awkward ten-year-old here. Enough said. 


Standing in the Shadows Emma Bird.  Have you ever thought about the unwanted people at Hogwarts? Emma Bird is a great author...


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