#JoinUsJKRowling Campaign: The details

by , Wednesday April 16, 2014
#JoinUsJKRowling Campaign: The details

Everything you need to know to take part in our campaign

What do we want?

To get our favourite author, JK Rowling, to write something for Movellas! 


How are we going to get it?

If we all come together at the same time and tweet JK Rowling and her publisher, there's more chance of her noticing us and taking a look at Movellas. Once she sees what a cool community of readers and writers we have, we reckon there's a bigger chance she'll get onboard!


What should I tweet?

Here are a couple of examples of what you could tweet. The most important thing is to include the hashtag so we can get it trending, and to tweet it to JK Rowling so she'll notice it!

"Hey , Have you heard of teen story-sharing community ? Come and write your fans a story here! "

" Your Potterheads need you! Please come and write us a story or give us a writing tip on "


The details

The date: Wednesday 23rd April

The time: 8pm UK / 3pm US - East Coast/ 12pm US - West Coast/ 5am Australia - East Coast/ 3am Australia - West Coast

The Twitter accounts:   

The hashtag: #JoinUsJKRowling


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