Let's get JK Rowling on Movellas!

by , Thursday April 10, 2014
Let's get JK Rowling on Movellas!

Warning: reading this blog may lead to excessive levels of excitement otherwise known as Pottermania

Remember when we asked you which author you'd like to see on Movellas? The answer was clear: JK Rowling.


So on Wednesday 23 April we propose that: we all tweet JK Rowling like, A LOT, so she knows how much Movellians would like her to come to the site. We'll be tweeting with the hashtag: JoinUsJKRowling


Come back next week for awesome FREE downloadable backgrounds for your profile page. We'll also give you all the info you need to join in the campaign including: times, example tweets and links to JK Rowling's account. 





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