Be a YouTube star: the winner

by , Thursday April 3, 2014
Be a YouTube star: the winner

Find out which video will be appearing on the official Movellas YouTube channel!


Recently, we challenged YOU to make a video or poster about what Movellas means to you.


The standard was high. You really impressed us with your creativity and talent. In fact, we were a little worried you were after our jobs. But there could only be one winner.


High-five to @K.LWaters for her winning video entry. The judges thought it summed up the spirit of Movellas perfectly. Watch it below:



Special mention must also go to the following three entries, which the judges deemed exceptionally well thought out:

River_Summers' entry:


C.Warren's entry:


Shaving Monkeys Sparrow's entry which you can see here


What do you think? Let us know below! The video will be appearing in the official Movellas YouTube channel - coming soon!



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